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The World Was A Dark Place Until Man Discovered Chocolate

Chocolates and chocolate gifts have changed the existence of millions since the first discovery of this most favourite of treats. Chocolate derives from the cocoa bean which is more than four thousand years old. The very first civilizatons revered this mystical dark bean, believing it to be a gift from above. These early cultures made a rich thick brew from the cocoa beans. Some people even used it as an early kind of currency, and there were many things a bean could buy. Four, for example, could buy you dinner.

The cocoa bean on it’s own is bitter and was in fact pushed aside by the first Spanish explorers. They did not realise what they had discovered and brought with them to to their own country.   The Spanish brought with them the recipe for this sour tasting beverage. It was not all that liked until the famous Spanish explorer Cortez took the decision to mix the sharp drink with sugar. Then it grew to become a sensation and only royalty was allowed to drink this appetizing beverage. They included other spices nutmeg and vanilla. They managed to conceal this beverage from the entire world for over 100 years! From that time on it quickly made its way around the globe. Different cultures began making it in alternative ways, improving it,and adding other ingredients. It was slowly becoming the delectable sweet candy that we know now .

These days you can enjoy this sweet dark candy all over the world and available in just about any form conceivable. You can come across chocolate in milk, biscuits, coffee, candies, your morning cereal, chocolate smothered fruit, ice-cream and even wine! And you can of course buy chocolate gifts !

You won’t find a nicer offering for any sweet-toothed person than a box of chocolates . Do you know what the most popular item is on Valentine’s day? Chocolates ! More lovers give chocolate gifts on this day than any other present. We all realize that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach and evidently the way to woman’s heart is through a box of this wondeful sweet treat!   It is also a lovely present on other special occasions as well. At Easter countless youngsters will wake up wondering if the Easter bunny has been . Hundreds of plastic eggs will be hidden away with this most coveted gift inside. On Christmas Father Christmas often stuffs stockings full of this dark sweet treat.   Can you picture a world with out chocolate? It’s difficult is it not? Now you know why chocolates and chocolate gifts are definitely the best possible presents you can give.

Why Chocolate Gifts are So Popular

Chocolate gifts are one of the most popular gifts of all. For a start you can get chocolate in many different forms and all of them are attractive, so they are a visual feast even before they are opened. And when they are opened and eaten they become a sensory feast for the taste buds. You can choose chocolate boxes in many shapes and sizes and to suit every budget. And all of them look so attractive with vibrant rich colours and tinsel, ribbons and cellophane – and that is before you wrap them yourself.

There are many different types of chocolate, so there is plenty of variety. You can get dark chocolate for those who do not have a sweet tooth, milk chocolate for people who just love it and white chocolate for children or those who are trying to cut back on their caffeine consumption. There is chocolate with additives such as soft cream centres or crisp mint pieces. In fact, there is even dairy free chocolate for those who have a lactose allergy.

Chocolate is so popular that makers of chocolate products hardly need to bother thinking up yet another chocolate product. Even so, there is always something new coming onto the market to add to our favourites list. So how do you pick the best one for your loved ones gifts? Why not try a little of each, stop by and visit the Chocolate Gallery in Speedway and sample many different choices.